While all investors want to see their assets grow, capital preservation and risk management take on extra importance when you reach a certain level of wealth. Maintaining your standard of living, providing for your family, generating income with minimal tax consequences, safeguarding your wealth against unexpected events – these concerns have taken center stage. With access to extensive resources and specific expertise, Oaktree Ventures can help with all these issues – and others that may arise. Our services include

Asset Allocation– Asset allocation has been shown repeatedly to be the most important single determinant of overall investment performance – and risk. Choosing the right mix of asset classes also can reduce portfolio volatility significantly. Oaktree Ventures will make asset allocation a key component of your investment strategy, selecting a mix of asset classes that reflects your specific financial objectives, time horizon and tolerance for risk.

Concentrated Equity Positions– Family wealth is often concentrated in a single stock, either inherited or earned during a successful business career. If you’re in this situation, there are many choices available to you beyond simply holding or selling the stock. Although reducing the inherent risk of a concentrated equity position can be complicated, we have the access to specialists who can provide a variety of solutions that can hedge, monetize, diversify or transfer the position while managing the tax implications.

Insurance– Insurance can play a key role in protecting your wealth and providing for the ongoing needs of your family, Oaktree Ventures can help you to determine the types and degree of insurance protection best suited to your specific requirements. Oaktree Ventures provides access to a full range of products, from disability and long-term care to term and permanent life insurance policies for both personal and business needs. Depending on your specific situation, insurance strategies may also provide you with tax and wealth transfer benefits.

Tax-Managed Investments – Wealth and taxes are inextricably linked, and erosion of net investment gains due to taxes is a real risk to sustaining wealth. Considering tax-advantaged investments such as municipal bonds and the tax impact of specific transactions can have a significant effect on what you pay and what you keep. Your advisor also can provide a custom analysis of all your investments – no matter where they are held – and help you structure a portfolio that reflects your specific tax profile.