OGV is actively engaged in Mentoring for the Family Businesses & Young entrepreneurs. Family Businesses are managed very effectively ,however when they reach a threshold limit , they need professional support.  OGV mentoring comes at this stage . OGV can be your Mentor for your next level growth . OGV can help you during your most crucial period of this transition . 
OGV mentoring also extends to the Successor of the Family Business. The incumbent needs a strong support system to establish himself/herself. OGV helps him/her in facilitating growth within all areas with particular focus on areas where he/she feels less competent or comfortable.

Having a personal development plan in place, alongside the succession strategy, will help develop his/her confidence, and reduce any potential apprehension association with taking over the family business. 

Often there are a number of generations present in the business, all with different perspectives on how the business should or shouldn’t be run and managed. Ensuring that there is buy-in across the various generations when it comes to your successor will help secure a more prosperous business future. Mentoring the next generation on company fundamentals is important.

Career development for next-generation family members who aspire to leadership in a family business can be quite challenging. One of the biggest obstacles is providing these individuals honest feedback on their current job performance and objective advice on steps they can take to get the opportunities they will need to make it to the next level in the business. Family leaders in the business may be uncomfortable or unable to give objective feedback to a family member, and many non-family executives may also struggle with being entirely objective with the boss’ son or daughter.

Quoting from Nurturing the Talent, a book from the Family Business Leadership Series: “A mentor is an older, more seasoned person who wants to share his or her experience with someone younger.” A mentor is also a resource to whom the mentee can turn with a question or concern—a trusted advisor. In addition, the mentor can point out when the mentee needs to adjust something in his or her work performance and can give the mentee insight on opportunities he or she should pursue.

In summary:

Value to the next generation entering the business:

  • Provide objective, honest, and constructive feedback.
    • Provide multiple resources that supply a variety of experience, skills, and style.
      • Provide objective, impartial resources that offer advice, counsel, and listening that is both supportive and challenging.

Value to the owners or board of directors of the business:

  • Assurance that the next generation is being provided with dedicated support toward their success in the business.
    • Regular communication regarding the progress of the next generation in meeting their developmental goals.
      • Objective resources to help with the development of the next generation of family business leaders.